Interesting add on from Moving Brands interview about E.Tautz

I went to interview Moving Brands over in Old Street as part of the research into the E.Tautz brand. This interesting foray into technology and fashion back in 2007 popped out during the interview...

The Weare project...

They say...'We set ourselves the challenge of bringing together the worlds of fashion and technology by designing a fashion item based on co-creation and social networking. We created a website where anyone could create messages and drawings and send them to a display in the Moving Brands’ window. We collected all of the images – some thoughtful, some silly, some rude - and used them to make a scarf. The scarf was then made available to buy on our website and in selected independent retailers around London. The project inspired us to set up our own fashion brand - Weare - to launch other items created by the same process.'

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