Grafik Magazine: David Shrigley interview

For Grafik Magazine, I went up to Glasgow for the day to interview Mr Shrigley. I'd met him when he came to do a show when I was at college in 1996, just as was begining to hit the big time but I hadn't seen him since. Back in 96 he was friendly, sincere, enthusiastic and very approachable. 10 years had past and he'd changed. Whether it was nerves I don't know, but he kept on name dropping major deals he was doing (Google at the time, although I haven't seen it) and pretending that he was bored by the acclaim. The interview was difficult, and I made it more so by accidentally tripping him up over his trademark crossed out spelling and the failed music / art connection. Mind due, it captures the awkwardness of the man. One of those people where the work outshines the personality, not a bad thing.

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